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Our company produces all kinds of metal cabinets. You can see what our offer is on the metal cabinet.

Metal cabinets can be used in various manufacturing and non-manufacturing occupations. There are several types of metal cabinets, the most common of which are wardrobe metal cabinets, archive cabinets and others.

We produce metal wardrobes in different sizes and colors. They can be used in schools, sports halls, in all companies where a uniform is mandatory, such as services, airlines, hotels, banks, car repair shops, etc. We produce all metal wardrobes with one shelf under which there is a rod for hanging clothes and there is a ventilation opening on the door.

There are also cassette metal wardrobes that are used by institutions where a large number of users have to store their clothes, namely: kindergartens, swimming pools, spa centers, gyms and many other similar institutions. The production of wardrobes is necessary for companies engaged in the production, storage, processing, sale and distribution of food products, such as pastry shops, bakeries, restaurants, pizzerias.

Metal Cabinet

For cleaners and chemical storage, metal cabinets are used by all institutions and companies such as private companies, public companies, government institutions, libraries, and many others. Of course, we also produce laboratory metal cabinets that are used by all institutions where it is necessary for the cabinet to have a high level of resistance to all influences from the environment, and they are most sought after by laboratories.

You can order each cabinet in the color and size you need.

Here we have described mainly wardrobes, and for all the others, find out much more on our metal cabinet website.

If you or your company needs a resistant cabinet, one click on the metal cabinet is enough. Here you will find everything you need.